Verbal Jint - The Good Die Young

Korean rapper / producer, Verbal Jint(VJ)'s new album will be released on October 26th. Although VJ claimed that he would never release another album again yet he filled his album with fifteen songs inspired by several deaths in 2009 including Michael Jackson, former Korean president Roh Moo Hyun and Kim Dae Joong. Delly boi, a beatmaker of his crew
Overclass, took charge of producing beats for tracks.

I've already preordered
The Good Die Young and to be honest, I can hardly wait for it to come since VJ has already proved his skills and musical talents with his previous album Imputation which won Korean Music Awards in 2008.

VJ released one of the tracks, Infernal Affairs, online to the public.

Track list:
01. 56 Bars
02. 무간도(無間道) (feat. 휘성) Infernal Affairs (feat. WheeSung)
03. Inspiration
04. Searchin' (feat. The Quiett)
05. 을지로5가 (양고기 찬가) Uljiro 5Ga(Ulji Fifth Ave.) (Praisal for lamb meat)
06. Yessir (feat. 조현아) (feat. Hyun Ah Jo)
07. Ordinary (feat. Rimi)
08. Check the Rhime
09. 삼박자 2010 Three Counts 2010
10. 안녕이라고 말하지 마 Don't say Goodbye
11. Quiz Show (feat. Lisa)
12. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
13. Dramas of Life (feat. Beenzino)
14. 나쁜 교육 (feat. Tiger JK) Bad Education
15. La Strada

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